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EMG Associates (UK) Limited
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Legal Consultancy

Legal Consultancy


EMG Associates (UK) Limited is an innovative legal consultancy company with a corporate client base. Below you can explore each of the commercial services we offer. Included are concise summaries of the relevant law.




Company Secretarial Services


Company directors who undertake the important role of the company secretary do so at their peril. It is true that there are no qualification requirements for secretaries of private companies and certain filing and disclosure obligations are more generous for private companies than they are for public companies. However, directors and secretaries of private and public companies can be fined and face criminal prosecution for failure to comply with the administrative, disclosure and filing requirements of the Companies Acts 1985 and 1989.


As a further service to its client, EMG Associates can provide full range of secretarial services which can include:


  • Preparing and maintaining registers of shareholders, directors and other statutory records;

  • Filing annual returns and other statutory documents at Companies House giving notice of, for example, changes in officers and share capital and the registration of charges;

  • Preparing formal board and Annual General Meeting minutes and advising on the ability of private companies to dispense with certain administrative formalities under the 'elective regime'.

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