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EMG Associates (UK) Limited
4th Floor, 3 Shortlands
London W6 8DA

Legal Consultancy

Legal Consultancy


EMG Associates (UK) Limited is an innovative legal consultancy company with a corporate client base. Below you can explore each of the commercial services we offer. Included are concise summaries of the relevant law.




Business Formation


If you have not yet decided on the type of trading vehicle for your proposed business, we can assist in advising on the correct type of business formation.


The major benefits of incorporating your business are the limits it affords you against business liability as well as personal debts liability. In case of a lawsuit or judgment against your business, no one can seize your personal assets, your home, car, bank accounts, etc. Your exposure to loss is limited to the assets of the corporation. As a service to our clients, EMG Associates offers a full UK private incorporation package.

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