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EMG Associates - Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI)

EMG Associates – Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI)

Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI), is the leading centre of law studies and judicial training in Dubai.


The Dubai Judicial Institute was established in 1996 as an independent department. DJI’s main goal is to be the regional centre for promoting judicial transparency, raising judicial training standards and encouraging promising and qualified UAE nationals to occupy key positions in the judicial system.


Under leadership of Judge Dr. Jamal Al Sumaiti, DJI occupies a unique place in the UAE and is a key contributing component of Dubai Strategic Plan 2015.


EMG Associates and Dubai Judicial Institute relationship started in May 2009. Both organisations have common goal to deliver excellence in legal training.


EMG Associated delivered the First of TOLES courses in the UAE at Dubai Judicial Institute in October 2009.


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