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Omani Legal Force 2024 - Oman

Omani Legal Force 2024 (OLF)

EMG Associates (UK) Limited is proud to announce the start of The Omani Legal Force (OLF) Programme 2024 in full collaboration with International Training World (ITW) . Training will commence on 5th May 2024 in Muscat - Sultanate of Oman .


The international legal service demands and requires that any potential candidate has the relevant knowledge and skill to communicate with English speaking clients, to understand commercial contracts in English, to draft contracts in English and to be able to provide a road map for dispute resolution, just to mention a few.


The OLF programme is bespoke and relevant to the issues that Omani Lawyers in the civil law system face when they are dealing with common law legal issues.


Our focus is to support the development of our students and their subsequent growth in any organisation in which they work, whether it is in private practice or as in- house legal counsel.


We have a wonderful team who are experts in their field and who are passionate legal presenters.  


OLF is supported by Madayn Industrial Innovation Academy, Ministry of Justice and Mistry of Labour.

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